Lift assurance & consultancy

Maxim provide a wide range of consultancy and lift assurance services for all types of cranes and lifting projects.

Maxim Lifting Services has extensive experience in managing and consulting for various lifting operations in different sectors. We are able to provide end-to-end solutions from project management, lift planning, legal applications for permits, advice on safety and industry best practices right through to implementation and supervision of the final lifting operations.

Lift assurance & consultancy
maxim lifting services


What we can offer

Lifting operation approval

On-site representation

Project Management

We review all documentation submitted for your proposed lifting operation. This allows us to make sure that the cranes and crew being hired by our client meet legal standards.


We are a leader in the industry and pride ourselves on being able to meet deadlines, complete projects quickly, and safely.


Maxim Lifting Services can provide a consultant to supervise the implementation of planned works once all necessary documents have been signed off.

Lifting Assurance

Maxim Lifting Services can review any third-party documentation for you to ensure that the lifting operations are well planned and in compliance with all regulations.

Maxim Accreditations


See how our team uses their experience, machinery, and the latest technology to provide superior crane hire and lifting services for our clients.


Whether your requirements are a simple one-off lift or a multi-crane technical lift, Maxim Lifting Services has the equipment and the know-how to provide a safe, efficient and cost-effective solution for your lifting needs.