Marshall Construction – Portland Street Hotel Development

This was Maxim’s second Crane Management package for our great friends at Marshall Construction having completed our first contract at Queen Street Leeds development a couple of years earlier.

We were brought in at the tender stage to assess the site lifting requirements for the steel frame and heavy precast cladding elements and opted for the very powerful Wolff WK 355B Luffing jib crane. We acted as lifting assurance for the erection and dismantle procedures with an AP present at all times along with full operational management supplying a dedicated AP to the project and crane personnel including crane supervisor, slinger signaller, and Tower Crane operators. Within our remit were rescue planning and evacuation training and 3rd party RAMS review and acceptance.

As project partners, we also provided several Mobile Crane Contract Lifts, Plant Handling, and Mini Crane services to supplement the Tower Crane.

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